• 1st year


    Statistics for the first year students from medical school

  • 2nd year

    - Mathematics for modelisation : Statistics and Tests

    Statistics and probability for 2nd year students, biology major

    - Algorithmic

    Basic programming skills for 2nd year students, biology major

  • 3nd year

    Mathematics for modelisation : Ordinary Differential Equations

    Dynamical models for biology for 3nd year students, biology major

  • ENS

    Introduction to bioinformatic to 1st year ENS-Paris Saclay students

    Construction of core and pan génome, introduction to graph theory

  • M1

    Biostatistic for 1st year master students, biology major

    Tests, linear model and principal component analysis

  • M2 Bioinfo.

    Statistical analysis of expression data for 2nd year master students, bioinformatics major

    Differential analysis, unsupervised classification and network inference

  • M2 Cancero.

    Differential analysis of RNA-seq data, for 2nd year master students, cancerology major

    Modelisation of RNA-seq data, analysis with Bioconductor packages

  • M2 Microbio.

    Experimental Design, for 2nd year master students, microbiology major

    Introduction to the notions of replication, randomisation and blocking.

Teaching before 2016

  • 2016 2015

    Temporary Teaching Assistant, Université Paris Descartes

    Teachin in the Statistics Department (STID) of "IUT Paris Descartes"

  • 2015 2012

    Non-research activties at Université Paris Sud

    Teaching assistant at the "IUT de Sceaux"

    Consulting for the creation of the MOOC "Introduction à la Statistique avec R" in the plateform France Université Numérique (FUN)

    Consulting for the museum "Exploradôme", a museum of sciences and sustainable development